The One Stop Solution
for Chronic Care Management at Home.

itracHEALTH™ is the developer of a holistic, highly functional and configurable digital health technology platform designed to assist those with multiple chronic conditions that want to age in place with independence and dignity while enjoying their best possible health.


Living longer at home with multiple chronic conditions...


"Our society faces an exponentially growing challenge"


52% of US seniors are frail or at-risk patients with 4 or more chronic conditions


90% of them want to remain in their homes in spite of their serious medical conditions
Source: AARP

What we do?


What we do?

Our suite of home based products address the aggregate challenges of all prescribed therapies and the potential impact of social determinants of health.

The itracHEALTH Gateway creates a virtual, closed-loop community of care for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our systems easily collect patient generated home health data on a real time basis and provide meaningful information to optimize care and advance research.

Our integrated and highly functional eNURSE and eNURSE PLUS solutions medicate, monitor, assess, document, communicate, travel, socialize, educate and predict.


Smart Personal Health Assistant For Home Use


Fully Automated Personal Health Attendant         For Home Use

Fully Automated Personal Health Attendant For Home Use


Remote Caregiver

Smart Phone App

itracHEALTH InSite

Primary Care Portal

itracHEALTH's automated solutions address the totality of care, not just automated pill dispensing or remote monitoring.

  • Automation to assist the complex and constantly evolving environment of chronic care at home.
  • Personalized care by addressing the clinical, psychological and behavioral challenges of our patients while recognizing their physical and cognitive limitations.

itracHEALTH Gateway

A services platform providing modular and seamless integration, automation and a common user experience across all connected devices and applications.

Happier and Healthier
Living at Home