Some of your Questions:

Q. For whom are the product designed to support?

Our products of eSSIST and eNURSE are intended to be used in the home to support the challenges of patients dealing with chronic illnesses. The approach and functionality have been designed with input from patients, caregivers, gerontologists, physicians, and behavioral scientists managing chronic care. Our systems are easy to use, intuitive and reliable. Minimal user set-up is required. Most users should be capable to operate the systems on their own, but recognizing the unique needs of each user, itracHEALTH personnel will provide initial and on-going support.

Q. Can my doctor change my prescription doses remotely?

Yes. Through secured access to the HIPAA-complaint itracHEALTH physician portal, your authorized physician or healthcare professional can remotely access the patient’s daily medication delivery schedule and change medication dose, cancel, or stop medications. The itracHEALTH eNURSE will then dispense medications based on that revised dose delivery schedule and, the eSSIST dosing instructions would be updated accordingly, as applicable. All changes to the medication schedule are documented in the patient database record.

Q. How does a patient and their caregiver interact with the itracHEALTH products while in their home?

Our smart systems provide great flexibility and adapt to the patient needs. The computer-guided user interfaces for eNURSE and eSSIST assist the patient through their home health care protocols using voice commands, sounds and visual aids designed to automate most operations and minimize confusion. Authorized caregivers can interact on-site or remotely through our intuitive realtime caregivers smart app. The company has gone through the painstaking process of integrating best-in-class medical grade patient monitors, deploying a common user interface across all devices using direct wireless connections for dependability and ease of use. We provide a one-button push, HIPAA-complaint telehealth capability. A constant connection to the internet is not required for system operation.

Q. Are the itracHEALTH systems safe and secure?

Yes. Patient safety, security and performance accuracy have been critical design requirements. The systems are cyber-secure and HIPAA compliant. All patient health information is private and the patient controls who can access their data. Registration and authentication of all authorized users is required to access the eSSIST or eNURSE at home or remotely. The eNURSE users will benefit from its robotic dispense medications accuracy, overdose prevention and the additional safeguards of keeping all prescription medications under lock and key accessible by authorized users only.

Q. Can I continue my home-health protocols during my travel or away from my home?

Yes. The eSSIST is a highly portable system designed for stand-alone use by patients or as a travel companion for eNURSE, for up to 30 days. The eSSIST has all the capabilities required for away-from-home care and does not require a continuous connection to internet or a cellular network to perform the daily home-health protocols.

Q. How do you setup itracHEALTH products, including vital sign testing devices in the home? What support can one expect?

There will be an initial user’s enrollment process where most set-up will be performed by itracHEALTH personnel as part of our subscription service. itracHEALTH will provide access to our support center via live-chat, email, and phone from 7 AM-11 PM EST Monday through Friday. Our products will also be supported with operational instructions, telephone support and additional web-based tools for any remaining setup including interfacing new vital sign test devices. The eNURSE installation will additionally include a home visit from an itracHEALTH health professional for introductory in-home tutoring, initial medication loading and reconciliation.

Q. Are these products affordable?

Our products are competitively priced and will be offered with various payment plan options. Also, your insurance company, provider or healthcare network may be able to provide our products and services at no cost to the patient, subject to certain enrollment qualifications and deductibles.

Q. Do I need to use a specific pharmacy or require special packaging for my prescriptions?

No. The itracHEALTH products are designed to easily load loose pills in bulk from standard prescription vials from any pharmacy. No blister packs, pill pouches, or configuration of system reservoirs or selection of containers is needed. Our systems have been designed to provide walkaway capability and fewer re-loads by carrying 30-day supply (eSSIST) and 90-day supply (eNURSE) of the largest prescribed pills. A one-time authorization for access to the patient’s pharmacy records will be required.

Q. How does itracHEALTH support sustained patient engagement?

  1. The itracHEALTH products have been designed to be simple, easy to use and appealing to the intended users. Systems interactions have been designed to be intuitive using voice-prompts, lights and sounds that invite utilization. The design of the products also provides voice & video assisted step-by step instructions, collects daily health assessment records, supports evidence-based telehealth connecting with the patient’s home health records. Through simple user prompts and communication interfaces we collect accurate real-time home health data without need for daily notes or trying to remember events from prior days.
  2. The eSSIST and eNURSE products provide companionship and some level of entertainment with the capability to play music, view photographs, etc., and creating a virtual community of care.

Q. What is the itracHEALTH home-health record, and how does my doctor(s) get access to my home-health data?

The itracHEALTH home-health record is a trended collection of data that records medication adherence, vital signs results, patient-reported mood, pain levels and other symptoms, as well as patient demographics and caregiving network information. This secured home health record will be available on each of the eSSIST and eNURSE systems and viewable in real-time through the caregiver app, the physician portal and at home. Authorized physicians would access this data through a secure itracHEALTH patient-specific web portal.

Q. Do the itracHEALTH products support reimbursement for CCM, RPM, and telehealth?

Yes. We understand medical professionals are very busy and need information, not raw data. Our longitudinal remote patient monitoring and the physician portal provide most of the information needed for evidence-based telehealth interventions. The itracHEALTH products have been designed to meet FDA clearance requirements and support the new post-COVID reimbursement guidelines from Medicare/ Medicaid for chronic care management, remote monitoring, and telehealth, as well as simplify and support reimbursement submission claims.

Q. Where can I purchase itracHEALTH products?

Stay tuned… The itracHEALTH products, eSSIST and eNURSE, are not yet available for commercial sale. The products will be sold on a monthly subscription basis with a minimal one-time upfront charge for the product hardware including any required vital sign test devices. Please contact itracHEALTH for additional information and/or possibilities of pilot programs.